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Having a stroke changes your life.


Of the 1.2 million stroke survivors in the UK, more than half have been left with disabilities that affect their daily life.  


But it’s not just about the physical effect a stroke can leave.  The emotional impact is indescribable.  The fear of not being able to walk again, the inability to look to the future, the terror of waking up every morning worried about having another one… 

One in six people will experience a stroke over their lifetime. Strokes can happen to anyone – babies, children, new mothers, as well as older people.  In fact, one in four strokes in the UK happens to people of working age

My family and I know only too well the impact of having a stroke. I was 38 when I had a hemorrhagic stroke, ten days after the birth of our son.  The video shows our story.  This is why I know that the work of the Stroke Association is so vital.  They help people rebuild their lives after stroke.  

I am delighted that we supported the vital work of the Stroke Association through our 2019 service and helped to improve the lives of stroke survivors and their families in Wiltshire - while bringing a bit of Christmas magic to Marlborough. 


Fingers crossed we might all meet again soon.  Thank you for your support. 

Rachel Inglefield

Chair of A Celebration of Christmas

A Celebration of Christmas Committee

Rachel Inglefield (Chair), Rob Green, Anna Hollick, Liz Morris, Marina Souter,

Alix Stevenson and Cora White

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