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In 2019 our service  included popular carols and beautiful music from professional performers, with festive readings from our celebrity guests and supporters.

Guests enjoyed performances from the internationally renowned classical singer Carly Paoli and soloist Tom Elwes from the Tewkesbury Abbey Schola Cantorum.  

The Marlborough Stroke Association Christmas Choir performed under choirmaster Adam Staines alongside the Pinewood School Chapel Choir under Niki Bell .

Lessons were read by radio and television broadcaster Chris Tarrant, Strictly Come Dancing star Viscountess Emma Weymouth, bestselling poet Charly Cox, BBC presenter Will Glennon, and adventurer David Hempleman-Adams.  Stroke survivor Martin Stephen gave an address (author and former high master of St Paul’s School and Manchester Grammar School).  

Carly Paoli - "Nobody does it better" (Mail on Sunday Event Magazine)
Chris Tarrant - talking of his stroke  "I thought I was going to die at 39,000ft somewhere between Bangkok and London; I've been very lucky."
Charly Cox - "Brave and Beautiful" (Stylist Magazine)
Internationally renowned classical singer Carly Paoli
SM_Emma Giraffe_03.jpeg
Strictly Come Dancing star, Viscountess Emma Weymouth
David Hempleman-Adams - was the first person to reach the North and South poles and the summits of the highest mountains on each continent
Viscountess Emma Weymouth - "they finally gave me an MRI scan and saw this bleeding on my brain. If I hadn't been treated, I wouldn't be here."
Adventurer David Hempleman-Adams
Will Glennon BBC_25April-87.jpg
BBC Presenter Will Glennon
Chris Tarrant.jpg
Television broadcaster Chris Tarrant
Martin Stephen - talking of his stroke  "One by one, I lost the ability to order my hands, my feet, my mouth, my eyes to do what I asked them to do." 
Will Glennon - the BBC presenter nearly died in a crash in 2014 when his bicycle collided with a delivery van, suffering a massive head injury.
Martin Stephen.jpeg
Author Martin Stephen
Charly Cox.jpeg
Best-selling poet Charly Cox 
Tom Elwes 1 crop.jpg
Soloist Tom Elwes
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